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Our dream of a more sustainable future

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

In the distance, a lion roars. Chirping crickets fill the air with their musings, and the ancient melodies of the singing grass continue, as they have always done, and as they must continue to do forever.

There is nothing so inspiring as time spent in nature’s greatest creation. To witness the miracle of life in the lovebirds chattering in the evening haze, to watch the great migrations of the wildebeest with amazement, and to admire the dance of the honeybees as they flit from acacia to acacia.

Our dream

First and foremost, our beautiful Serengeti retreat is the result of a dream. A vision of living in true harmony with nature. A dream of existing in this magnificent wilderness in union with the grand creatures, incredible people, and curious plant life that call it home.

And so The Singing Grass made a simple promise. A vow to be good to nature and to work with rather than against the awe-inspiring environment in which we had found ourselves. We promised to do everything in our power to protect it from harm.

From the smallest beetles to the grandest elephants, and from the dozing lions to the unique heritage of the Maasai people, every being in these great plains has a crucial part to play in the future of this paradisiacal corner of the earth.

Everything is connected in the delicate ecosystem of the Serengeti, and the loss of one could be the downfall of the many. There is a millennia-old balance at play here, and we strive to conserve this equilibrium for generations to come.

Our sustainability pledge

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at The Singing Grass. Within the camp, this can be seen in the sustainable materials such as the recycled green lumber found in the indoor and outdoor showers, and in the design which complements rather than distracts from the natural surroundings.

Our abundant solar panels give us everything from constant hot water on tap to 24/7 electricity, while the rudimentary rainwater harvesting system contributes to our goal of taking nothing from nature but giving everything back.

The camp has no fences. We are aware that we are guests in this magnificent ecosystem, and the wildlife is free to roam the premises as it pleases. In the evening, as guests sip hot cocoa around the roaring campfire, they may be visited by the curious creatures of the night.

As they lie in bed the next morning and admire the breathtaking sunrise, they may see the early morning rituals of the lions, a family of gazelles, or stunning birds of paradise preening their vibrant feathers.

Our conservation projects

Our conservation efforts can be witnessed on the nature walks, where local guides take our guests on unforgettable walks around the reserve, explaining the history and uses of every plant, and the story of every animal that passes by.

We also work with the Tanzania Wildlife Research programme, a state-led organisation that strives to protect the nature of the Serengeti and change mindsets both locally and globally. With this organisation, we work closely with local school, educating the children about the importance of honeybees in the ecosystem.

The goal of this project is to inspire a generation of students to become strong voices in the fight for the future of bees. We are hoping to train them to harvest honey and maintain a sustainable colony, and empower them to sell the sweet acacia honey on the local and international markets.

We are also providing our findings and data to international organisations, especially our research on the anaesthetic properties and other medical uses of bee venom, which we believe will become ever more important in the changing medical landscape of the world.

Our guests' involvement

Guests at The Singing Grass will have the opportunity to meet the stewards of the Serengeti on our visits to the local Maasai village, where they will witness the unique cultural heritage for themselves. The dancing, the singing, and the traditional arts and cuisine offer our guests a new perspective on the importance of the tribe, a seed of insight that they will take back home to spread.

Our guests will also contribute financially to the survival of the Maasai people, as a certain percentage of our profits goes to the local town to help boost the economy. We exclusively contract local businesses and hire local people, so every cent spent on your Serengeti retreat has a positive impact on the people who care for this land.

For us, this is just the start. Our efforts to support a sustainable future for the Serengeti are ongoing, and every day, we come up with new ideas to support this unique ecosystem. With every action we make, we strive to protect the land and preserve its unique nature.

For our guests, we desire that they walk away knowing that they have been part of something bigger than themselves, and with a newly ignited passion for the beauty of this remarkable land.

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