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The Singing Grass bush camp offers a deluxe experience that lets our guests enjoy the glamour of vintage Africa with nothing but ease. These tents are specially designed to provide you a luxurious experience with windows offering a unique view of the natural world outside. With the wood-paneled floors, modern bathrooms, and an outstanding combination of marvelous furniture and designer amenities, we provide the most lavish stay in the middle of nowhere. 

There is nothing more relaxing than coming back to your tent after a long day in the African Savannah; sipping on your hot chocolate beside a campfire while you look at the stars shining above you. 

Each tent in the Singing Grass camp is equipped with running hot and cold water, flush toilets, electric lights, mosquito nets, and a cozy bed. There is 24/7 internet and electricity access with a full time attendant at your service. Further equipment includes tables, chairs, curtains, fine linen, and an insect-proof luggage rack so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

The beauty of our tents is only enhanced by the tantalizing view of the Serengeti plains, wide-open skies, hazy sunsets, and bleak golden sunrises, which you can easily witness from your tent window. 

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