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The Singing Grass
nature photographer of the year

Competition 2023 is coming soon!

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Singing Grass was born from a desire to live in harmony with nature and celebrate its many splendid forms, its beauty and raw power. From our home in the Serengeti, we treasure the delicate ecosystem of the land, and from the smallest of ants to the gentle giants that roam the parched plains, we fight for its survival. With our 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, we seek to share this mission with the world. 

Opening soon!
In this stunning example of animal photography, a lioness stands on a rock and looks into the distance.

Grand Prizes

The winner of our wildlife photography competition will experience a Serengeti safari in the utmost style, enjoying a complimentary stay at our immersive wildlife retreat. Catch an intimate glimpse of the Tanzanian wilderness, and discuss photography and conservation with our judges as you embark on a wildlife expedition of a lifetime.

The winner will also see their work published in leading wildlife photo magazine as a full-page spread,  and in a possible gallery exhibition in Spain or New York City. Runner-up prizes are to be announced.

The Categories

Our photographer of the year competition focuses on four key categories, so everyone has the chance to submit their powerful wildlife photo. We’re not expecting professionals here, we invite any and every amateur photographer to give it their best shot and enter a photo they believe will catch our eye. 

Key Dates

Jan 2023

August 2023

Sept 2023

Nov 2023

2023 Photographer of the year competition starts

Contest closes

Finalists Announced
- 3 candidates in each category

2023 Global Winners Announced

Our Judges

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