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The Singing Grass
nature photographer of the year

Competition 2023 is now OPEN!

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Singing Grass was born from a desire to live in harmony with nature and celebrate its many splendid forms, its beauty and raw power. From our home in the Serengeti, we treasure the delicate ecosystem of the land, and from the smallest of ants to the gentle giants that roam the parched plains, we fight for its survival. With our 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, we seek to share this mission with the world. 

In this stunning example of animal photography, a lioness stands on a rock and looks into the distance.

Grand Prizes

The winner of our wildlife photography competition will experience a Serengeti safari in the utmost style, enjoying a complimentary stay at our immersive wildlife retreat. Catch an intimate glimpse of the Tanzanian wilderness, and discuss photography and conservation with our judges as you embark on a wildlife expedition of a lifetime.

The winner will also see their work published in leading wildlife photo magazine as a full-page spread,  and in a possible gallery exhibition in Spain or New York City. Runner-up prizes are to be announced.

The Categories

Our photographer of the year competition focuses on four key categories, so everyone has the chance to submit their powerful wildlife photo. We’re not expecting professionals here, we invite any and every amateur photographer to give it their best shot and enter a photo they believe will catch our eye. 

Key Dates

Jan 2023

Oct 2023

Nov 2023

Dec 2023

2023 Photographer of the year competition starts

Contest closes

Finalists Announced
- 3 candidates in each category

2023 Global Winners Announced

Our Judges

Ex-Olympus brand ambassador and photography giant Ranjan Ramchandani will help judge The Singing Grass’ photography competition.

Ranjan Ramchandani

From his base in Singapore, Ranjan Ramchandani has built himself a fine reputation as an author and photographer, focusing on digital art, portraiture, landscape, wildlife, and urban photography. With such a diverse portfolio, Ranjan refuses to be categorised and considers himself a lifelong disciple of the art.

He believes you can learn something new from everyone if you are willing to look and listen. As such, he supplemented his natural flair for photography through self-study, academic learning and workshops, allowing him to reach the recognition he enjoys today.

In recent years, Ranjan has undertaken photography expeditions to the furthest-flung habitats worldwide, including India, Sri Lanka, and Africa. His work always intrigues, from his coffee-table book featuring imposing Ladakh landscapes to his monochrome take on Holi Festival, the ancient Hindu celebration of colour, spring, and love. 

Fine Art specialist and the Spider Award’s 2007 photographer of the year, Julio Hardy has a particular interest in black and white photography.

Julio Hardy

A fine art photographer based in Malaga, Julio Hardy specialises in documentary and editorial photography. The Argentinian artist enjoyed a formal education in Berlin and has received many accolades for his work, including being named Spider Awards’ Photographer of the Year in 2007.


Julio has a special interest in black and white photography and has been published in magazines such as Camera Arts and Black & White Magazine. He has also been involved in the film industry, his work on Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’ bringing him attention in the New York Times and several European newspapers. 


The acclaimed photographer’s work can be found in private and public collections worldwide. He is the director of the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, and the founder and owner of FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona. 


Wildlife photographer Leigh Woods will provide the judging panel with his keen eye, trained by years in the field.

Leigh Woods

A British wildlife photographer based in the Czech Republic, Leigh Wood’s love for nature was first inspired by David Attenborough’s many wildlife documentaries. His interest in wildlife photography was piqued while studying for his field guiding license in South Africa in 2013. Since then, his presence on the scene has continued to grow. 


Leigh has travelled to remote destinations across Africa and Asia, seeking close encounters with some of the world’s most iconic and elusive species, including mountain gorillas in Rwanda and great white sharks in South Africa. His photographs capture the character and emotion of his subjects, evoking sympathy for their plight.


Leigh is active in charitable circles, donating considerable portions of the proceeds from his print sales to wildlife conservation causes. He also works to introduce the wider public to these animals, running safaris in Rwanda to inspire a connection with the natural world.

Arizona State University’s Dr Anna Meyerrose lends us her intellect and refined taste as the final judge for our photo contest.

Dr Anna Meyerrose

Finally, acting as our representative from The Singing Grass, Dr Anna Meyerrose. Anna has been involved in our Serengeti retreat since its conception and has a deep understanding of our philosophy.


She holds a doctorate in political science and currently works at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on how globalisation and international organisations can create challenges for democratic institutions, even unintentionally contributing to democratic backsliding in younger democracies.


Beyond her impressive curriculum and understanding of human nature, Anna has a powerful love for the arts, nature, and the wild. She can often be found admiring the vast collections held at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, which made her the perfect choice to be our representative and final judge.

KP profile picture.JPG

Konsta Punkka

Konsta Punkka is an award winning wildlife, outdoor and commercial photographer, speaker and Nikon Ambassador. He specialized in capturing close up intimate portraits of wildlife mostly in the arctic region. He has shot, directed and been featured in dozens of commercial and conservational projects and been featured in dozens of outlets including National Geographic, Instagram and BBC. 

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